Edge banding machines TE-E53K2G.L

Edge banding machines

Quick PUR and EVA meltingAdvanced edge banding machine with powerful functions and outstanding efficiency Quick glue melting at high temperatures in PUR and EVA approaches responds to your specific edge binding demands. The stable design and easy availability guarantee higher production capacity. By feeding wood at 15-28m/min, TE-E436PR.L is the source of best productivity for medium and large wood processing enterprises!
Core configuration
Offer you individually-tailored solutions to meet your specific edging needs!
All functions

Separation device → Pre-milling → Quick melt glue application → Six rollers pressure welt → Quick melt glue application 2 → Six rollers pressure welt 2 → double rail cutting → Rough trimming → 5-position automatic cutter finishing → 3-position automatic double -motors tracking → 5-position automatic edge scraping → Wire break mechanism → flat scraping → Cleaning agent → Electric-serial double polishing

Technical Data Sheet
Product titleTE-E53KRG.LTE-E53K2G.LTE-E53K2GTE-E52K2G
Working pressure0.6Mpa
Total power29Kw34Kw26.23Kw28Kw
Feed speed15-28m/min15-24m/min
Electric liftingStandard(single 0.55Kw)Standard(single 0.37Kw)
Panel thickness10-60mm
Panel length≥150mm≥120mm≥150mm
Panel width≥60mm
Edge thickness0.4-3.0mm
Shape dimension(mm)11850x1100x200012000x1100x190011000x900x173010500x1100x1900
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