CNC Nesting center CNC9-A9

CNC Nesting center

ALL TYPES OF MULTI-FUNCTION PROCESSING CENTER ARE APPLICABLEIt helps perfectly to achieve not only the three-dimensional modulation of angular milling for the cabinet door in a high-precision manner, but also the special-shaped cutting and vertical drilling process of the cabinet in an efficient manner! The device is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises to implement efficient production and easy operation.
CNC Nesting center CNC9-A9 photo:5+4 vertical drilling device and efficient servo ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)
5+4 vertical drilling device and efficient servo ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)

9KW-RDWS spindle for ATC has the maximum revolution of 24000r/min. The bamboo-hat ATC of machine center with 16 tools as a standard configuration can contribute to effectively reducing the tool changing time (the amount of tools equipped in the ATC is optional). Taiwan Protean 5+4 vertical drilling device can be used for vertical drilling!

Core configuration
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Technical Data Sheet
Product titleCNC9-GA9CNC9-A9CNC9-A9S
Effective work range2500*1260*200mm6000*1260*200mm
Maximum machining size2440*1220*50mm
Table size2500*1300mm2440*1220mm2440*1300mmX2
Loading and discharging speed15m/min
Transmission modeY rack;X/Z screw rodX/Y rack;Z screw rod
Table structureDouble-layered word structure
Spindle power9KW
Tool magazine modeATC
Tool magazine capacity16
CNC matching drill5+4 Row drill
Speed of spindle24000r/min
travelling speed90m/min
Maximum operating speed20m/min
Working voltageAC380/3PH/50HZ
Operation systemSYNTEC
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