CNC Nesting center CNC-GA9

CNC Nesting center

ALL TYPES OF MULTI-FUNCTION PROCESSING CENTER ARE APPLICABLEIt helps perfectly to achieve not only the three-dimensional modulation of angular milling for the cabinet door in a high-precision manner, but also the special-shaped cutting and vertical drilling process of the cabinet in an efficient manner! The device is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises to implement efficient production and easy operation.
High precision screw transmission and high flexible motion line of X-axis

Reasonable transmission design. High-precision screw transmission of X-axis ensures the optimum accuracy and stability of machining! Better motion cable can ensure high-speed and stable operation of equipment as well as longer service life, which has millions of reciprocating motion with zero fault! Passing the rigorous environmental measurement experiment, it It can work steadily under climatic conditions all over the world.

CNC Nesting center CNC-GA9 photo:High precision screw transmission and high flexible motion line of X-axis
CNC Nesting center CNC-GA9 photo:5+4 vertical drilling device and efficient servo ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)
5+4 vertical drilling device and efficient servo ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)

9KW-RDWS spindle for ATC has the maximum revolution of 24000r/min. The bamboo-hat ATC of machine center with 16 tools as a standard configuration can contribute to effectively reducing the tool changing time (the amount of tools equipped in the ATC is optional). Taiwan Protean 5+4 vertical drilling device can be used for vertical drilling!

Heavy lathe with high rigidity

High-sealing double-layer vacuum adsorbing work table features super adsorption. The all-steel base for the work table can bear loads at high pressure for a long time without deformation. Adopting the temper ageing process can guarantee the stability and precision of the whole machine for a long time. The whole machine is designed in high rigidity, which can better implement heavy-load cutting at high speed!

CNC Nesting center CNC-GA9 photo:Heavy lathe with high rigidity
Core configuration
International top components, stable performance!
Technical Data Sheet
Product titleCNC9-GA9CNC9-A9CNC9-A9S
Effective work range2500*1260*200mm6000*1260*200mm
Maximum machining size2440*1220*50mm
Table size2500*1300mm2440*1220mm2440*1300mmX2
Loading and discharging speed15m/min
Transmission modeY rack;X/Z screw rodX/Y rack;Z screw rod
Table structureDouble-layered word structure
Spindle power9KW
Tool magazine modeATC
Tool magazine capacity16
CNC matching drill5+4 Row drill
Speed of spindle24000r/min
travelling speed90m/min
Maximum operating speed20m/min
Working voltageAC380/3PH/50HZ
Operation systemSYNTEC
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