CNC Nesting center CNC-S9T2

CNC Nesting center

Outstanding surface machining effectNew optimum state heavy-duty, high-speed door panel milling center, more accurate, more efficient and more powerful , outstanding surface machining effect!
CNC Nesting center CNC-S9T2 photo:Highly-flexible motion cables and integrated tubes
Highly-flexible motion cables and integrated tubes

Higher quality motion cables can ensure high-speed and stable operation of the device, providing it with a longer service life and ensuring a zero-malfunction reciprocating motion experience in over millions of cycles. As proven through strict environmental tests, the device can always operate stably under all weather conditions.

Efficient dual-servo tool changer

The efficient dual-servo tool changer is equipped with precision high-speed positioning function. The 24-cutter tool changer caters to the demand for more cutters, while also providing flexibility at the greatest extent.

CNC Nesting center CNC-S9T2 photo:Efficient dual-servo tool changer
Core configuration
International top components, stable performance!
tqs Software
Really easy-to-use software must be combined with localization

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Technical Data Sheet
electric spindle(HVCT)HITECO9.5KW  24000r.p.m  ISO30
transmissionYASKAWAX left and right 2Kw 1pcs
Y Front and back movement 1.3Kw 1pcs
Z up and down 0.8Kw 1pcs
X screw transmissionTBI·40 screw
Y screw transmissionTBI·32 screw
Z screw transmissionTBI·25 screw
countertopssize1300mmX2500mm(Vacuum sorption way)
Vacuum pumpThe 5.5kw combined rotary vane dry vacuum pump
path and speedX axis(Spindle Move left and right)1359mm 30m/min
Y axis(Spindle Front and back movement)2550mm 30m/min
Z axis(Spindle Up and down)290mm 10m/min
otherNC Control systemSYNTEC(60WA)
Compressed air0.5Mpa
Total power21Kw
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