CNC Nesting center CNC-4S

CNC Nesting center

AN EFFICIENT PREFERRED DEVICE WITH DOUBLE WORK TABLES Value-added production efficiency can be created thanks to the perfect combination of technology and function! It's time-saving and high-efficiently with double work tables as well as uninterrupted cutting and milling!
through Four spindles can be switch fast and processed

Four independent electro-spindles can be changed automatically to complete automated processing in multiple processes, including kits for small door panels and furniture components, as well as engraving on solid woods, panels and doors.

CNC-4S photo:Four The spindle
Core configuration
International top components, stable performance!
Technical Data Sheet
Product titleCNC-4CNC-4S
Effective work range2500*1260*200mm6000*1260*200mm
Maximum machining size2440*1220*50mm
Table size2440*1300mm2440*1300mmX2
Loading and discharging speed15m/min
Transmission modeX/Y rack;Z screw rod
Table structureDouble-layered word structure
Spindle power6KWx4
Speed of spindle18000r/min
travelling speed90m/min
Maximum operating speed20m/min
Drive systemSYNTEC/HCFA
Working voltageAC380/3PH/50HZ
Operation systemSYNTEC/NCStudio/LncSYNTEC/NCStudio
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